My World and the Real World

Over the course of my 20 years as a person with Aspergers I have discovered that I do not see the world as others do. There are two different ways in which simplicity comes into play in my everyday world.

The first is the way I walk into situations. I see them in their simplest forms. If I see two people fighting with each other I think to myself, “If they dislike each other that much they should stop being friends.” It is sort of like being a five year old in an adults body. Seeing the world this way means that I do not stress about some of the things other 20 year olds do. They worry about what they eat all the time. They eat food they do not like just to be healthy, but they complain the entire time. When I see this I think to myself, “if you hate the food you’re eating, don’t eat it”.  They see eating healthy as having an impact on their lives in the long run. I do not see the long term effects, I see them being unhappy in the moment.

The second is how some tasks are simple and easy for me but hard for others and vice versa. Neurotypicals are born knowing that you need to raise your hand in class, what people are thinking by just their facial expressions, and how to make friends. They find these tasks simple. For me I find remembering superhero stats, remembering TV episode titles and seasons, and fixing computers to be simple, and the fore mentioned tasks to be very difficult. Since the tasks neurotypicals succeed in are the ones praised and expected in society, I have to work extra hard to make sure I meet these expectations so that others see me in a certain way.

The word simplicity describes so many aspects of my world. I think that having Asperger’s gives me a new perspective on the world that others lack. When I work in a group in school my peers like hearing my ideas because they are often concrete and simple. As we grow up we loose the excitement, innocence, and the ease of being a child. I used to think of myself as Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up, because I have not lost all that I had when I was little. My Asperger’s has helped me, and sometimes the people around me, think about the world in its simplest forms and  to not get stressed about everything it throws at us.




5 thoughts on “My World and the Real World

  1. This post really hit my heart strings for many reasons. One, I heard about Autism and Asperger’s however I never really understood it. I always thought of it as the person just does not understand social cues. However, it is more than that. Your own personal experience really is effective because it makes your blog more legit. This post really opened my eyes on this topic. I also love how this blog can further awareness of your topic. I am excited for this blog.


    1. A very eye opening post, you’ve really captured the idea of what it’s like to have Aspergers/Autism and how it affects one in their day-to-day life. You’ve really gotten your point across in a way that makes it easy for the reader to put themselves in the shoes of someone who has this condition. Nicely done!


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