Clothes and Me

I have recently been thinking about why I get so overloaded when getting ready for school. It’s not the getting up early or the remembering all the book I need for that day, it’s the deciding what clothes to wear.

I find that picking out a shirt, pants, and some sort of jacket (in the winter) is very hard for me. I used to have a lot of button-downs and jeans to choose from. They were all types and colors which made my closet look very uneven and unstructured which made my mornings fall into chaos.

I don’t know why I need things to be as even as possible, it is just how my brain works. Having everything even makes me feel calm and I am able to go on with my day without feeling some how “off” all day.

I asked my parents if I could purchase pants and button-downs of the same type from the same store. They were happy to do that, and said that whatever I needed to make my days less stressful they would do.

I’m very grateful that I have parents that are willing to hear me out on my issues and try their best to make them more manageable.


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