What Are We Doing Today?

When I am going out for the day to run errands or going somewhere with my family I like knowing exactly what is going to happen every step of the way. I need to know where we will eat lunch, what time the movie is, or what time we will be returning home.

Knowing these things makes me calm and I can then enjoy whatever we are doing. If I don’t know these things it makes me feel like I have been dropped in the middle of the woods without a GPS, which makes me very stressed and I will eventually get overloaded and frustrated.

When an unexpected event comes up like going to a different restaurant then planned, running late for a movie, or going to an unplanned store I feel like my world is falling into chaos, and I spend the rest of the outing trying to regulate myself.

This of course does not always work, which is when I start being mean to my family or shutting down. This is very hard because I cannot always know what is going to happen when I step out of the house, but my family has been more helpful with telling me the agenda for the day which has made things much easier on me, which I  am grateful for.


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